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How to Clean Velour Pants

Cleaning velour pants is similar to washing and drying dress slacks and jeans. While it is stretchy and durable while worn, velour is sensitive to temperature, and putting velour fabric in a machine with the wrong settings can permanently damage it.

  1. First: Prepare the pants for washing

    Prepare the velour pants for washing by spot cleaning them with a damp rag. Wipe downward with the rag to go against the grain of the fabric while cleaning off any stains. Repeatedly wipe downwards on the stain until it is completely gone or soaked through; this helps the washer clean the stain away.

  2. Second: Wash the velour pants

    Use a cold cycle when washing velour pants, and set the washer to "delicate" if the setting exists on your machine. If the machine's instruction manual recommends a setting for velvet, this is also suitable for velour. You may add any other delicate clothing that requires cold water to complete more laundry in one cycle. Use a cap full of laundry detergent that is mild and used for delicate clothing, such as lingerie and special fabrics. Allow the laundry cycle to complete.

  3. Third: Dry the pants

    Use a dryer on low heat to dry the velour pants after the cold wash cycle to completely dry the fabric. Alternatively, you are also able to dry velour pants by simply hanging them up indoors or outdoors after the washing cycle is complete. As a thin fabric, velour does not absorb very much water, so the time that it takes to dry is considerably less than fabrics like fleece or regular cotton.